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Management Consulting for the Small Business


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Because client issues are unique, it would be unfair to offer you a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, during our initial free consultation, we will invest the time necessary to understand your issues.

Within a week of our visit, we will send you a written proposal that outlines the problem or opportunity statement, our role, your role, the deliverables, our qualifications and the cost.


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Management Consulting Services

Client Successes


RWR helps small businesses to achieve and exceed their business goals. We do that by helping clients to solve problems and capture opportunities in the following areas:


Does you business have a plan to get to the next level? Is it working?


Are you growing faster than inflation?


Are you pricing for your competitive advantage? Are your cost and expense structures optimized?


Can your partners and staff meet the challenges of the future?


Have you established the key metrics to run your business? What is your financial condition?


From left to right:
Bill Jantz, President RWR
Willam Franken, Owner TurboUSA

Client Profile

  • Start-Ups looking for a way to minimize mistakes and increase their chance of survival
  • Established companies seeking a "preventative check-up"
  • Companies with growth or profitability challenges
  • Companies facing new challenges (Acquisitions, Partnerships, Major Capital Investment etc.)

Bill Jantz, President of RWR, began his career working for a conglomerate and learned that any company can be improved with good management. For the last 10 years, Bill has been helping small businesses to utilize “best management practices�. Bill has proven that small businesses can thrive when they utilize best practice tools. Learn More...